Latest Upcoming Off-Campus Placement Drive 2022-All Over India

Latest Upcoming Off-Campus Placement Drive 2022-All Over India 

Campus Venue Notification
Bihar Campus Click Here
UP Campus Click Here
Haridwar Campus Click Here
Haryana Campus Click Here
HP Campus Click Here
Indore Campus Click Here
Jabalpur Campus Click Here
Jaipur Campus Click Here
Jharkhand Campus Click Here
MP Campus Click Here
Campus Venue Notification
Mathura Campus Click Here
Meerut Campus Click Here
Odisha Campus Click Here
Rajasthan Campus Click Here
Reewa Campus Click Here
Punjab Campus Click Here
Gujarat Campus Click Here
Coming soon Click Here
Coming soon Click Here
Coming soon Click Here

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What are the upcoming off campus drive for 2021 batch?
Which company is best for campus placement?
How do I find my off campus placement?
Is TCS skipping campus placement this year?
Which IT company is best for freshers?
Is on-campus placement difficult?
Which university got highest package in India?
When should I start preparing for placement?
How do you get a 3rd year placement?
Is 6 months enough for placement preparation?
How is campus selection done?
How do I find my dream placement?
Is 3 months enough for placement preparation?
Does Google come at Vit?
How can I get 1 crore package from Quora?
Does Google pay 1 crore?
Which job gives 1 crore per year?
Does IIT give 1 crore package?
Who got 2 crore from IIT?
Do all IIT students get job?
What is the lowest package of IIT?
In which IIT does Google come?
Does Google Hire from IIT?
Which engineer has highest salary?
Which engineer is most in demand?
Which engineer is best for future?
Which engineering is hardest?
Which engineering is best for girls?
What is the easiest engineer?
Which engineering branch is easy?
Which branch is queen of engineering?
Which is hardest subject in BTech?
Which is toughest course in world?


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